A CHANGE WILL SURELY COME!

Dear Covenant Partners,

It is good to know you can feel so close to someone and not actually  
be in his or her presence.  God has performed a miracle bond
between us that we believe is something special.

It is amazing what our Heavenly Father has done for us to protect
us.  Especially at times like these when so many are trying so hard to
bring pain and death thought the use of fear as a weapon of
terrorism.  Remember, now, the definition of terrorize-“the planned,
organized use of fear as a weapon.” First John 4:18 defines fear as
torment. Satan is the spirit of fear, or spirit of torment, and Jesus
called evil spirits tormentors.

Torment is a place where there is no rest. God has given a place of
rest to us. Not just after, we die and go to heaven, but right here,
right now.

Hebrews 4:9 says, “Thee remaineth therefore a rest to the people of
God.” This is good news.  However, just as everything else that
comes from heaven, it must be received by faith. It belongs to us
through Jesus and what He did for us at Calvary. The process is very
simple and, as always with anything of faith, it comes through the
word of God.

The Word is separate from the world and is not affected by it in any
way.  Neither the world, not our enemy Satan, nor demons, nor
anything of the world order can change or keep the Word from
working.  The only thing that stops the Word is unbelief.  Unbelief is
always fear – based. Jesus taught that in Mark 4:14-20.  He taught
that once the Word is sown as a seed in one’s heart, only unbelief of
that Word can keep it from producing a hundredfold.

The Word not mixed with faith brings no results. Mixing faith with
the Word brings rest followed by confession and action.  Mixing fear
with the Word brings torment followed by confession and action.

Rest, then confession, then action = victory

Torment, then confession, then action = complete disaster

I know this is easier said than done, but that is why Jesus has
provided the Holy Spirit, His name and His blood to help.  He is
always right there, whether we feel like He is or not. Anyone can do
this.  The sad thing is most people will not, not that they cannot, but
that they just will not.  That is not you and me however.  We are
people of faith and action.

God has done His part as He promised. Jesus has done His part.  He
ratified those promises with His own blood, and then authorized you
and me to use His Name and all His authority to stop acts of satanic
attacks, so sin cannot lord over us.

Jesus has declared us free!  It is, therefore, our duty to be free.  To
take our stand and having done all to stand, stand therefore fully clad
with the full armor of God. Stand until the rest and peace of God
comes. It will come.  We have His Word on it.

We are taking it to the top of this world and to the bottom and all the
way through the middle!

We are doubling our outreach ministry and some awesome things
are taking place because of it, and we want you and need you to be
involved in what we are doing.  I will be sending you a report on it all

You are an important part of our lives.  We deeply appreciate your
prayers and your gifts for this ministry.  We must be the example of
believers holding on to one another in good times as well as bad
times.  We need one another!  We need your faith as much as you
need ours.  Together, we can face anything, expecting victory in Jesus
Christ to come through triumphantly for us.

This is our time.  Victory 2008 belongs to us!!!

We are the end-time generation.  We are the “terrorism” generation.  
We are the people who need more of God’s power in our midst than
any other generation before us.

We need all the help we can get! However, thank God, we can get all
the help we need!

The scripture says "One of us can put a thousand to flight and two of
us together can put 10,000 to flight".  There is a very definite
spiritual law that activates when we come together; this increases
the measure of our spiritual strength to the 10th power.  That means
only four of us are more powerful in Christ than 10 million evil
spirits.  Only two of us, like you and me, in agreement prayer can
move the very heart of our Father God (Matthew 18:19-20).

When the body of Christ comes together and begins to function as
one, we will have the Holy Spirit without measure!

We will begin to see ministries functioning in the fullness of their
callings.  We will begin to see manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the
full measure.  We will see Jesus in fullness of stature as we have
never seen Him before.  Then the world will know that the Father
sent Him.

All this will start with you and me holding on to one another in Faith
and love.  Let us continue to make a daily effort to make ourselves
available to God to pray for one another and the body of Christ.  Let
us pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth laborers into His
harvest…and that souls will be added to the church daily, such as
would be saved.

Not all the demons in hell can overcome us when we get together.  
We are more than conquerors!

I believe we will rise up and go over the top.  We are lifting you up
with our faith as you lift us up with yours.

                                                                In Jesus Name

                                                                                       Robert Williams