Rehoboth Outreach
Apostolic Ministries, Inc

About Us

ROAM is a Full Gospel multicultural ministerial organization for independent ministers,
churches and outreach ministries. Our membership is both national and international.
We were established in April 1983.

Being full gospel (meaning we believe the Church today should be as the first Church
in the Book of Acts) it is our belief that the Gifts of the Spirit are just as active today as
with the first church.

There are many reasons for affiliating with an organization such as ROAM but for the
sake of space we will only mention a few here. We stand ready to assist both the
seasoned minister as well as that individual that is just beginning to answer the call of
God on their life.

Sometimes one can feel like a "displaced" person because they came up in a
denominational structure that they no longer feel comfortable in and yet "alone" without.
Still others that do not belong to any denomination nor have a desire to belong want
spiritual authority over them. This is Scriptural and imperative for today.

ROAM offers a reputable organization that is free of ecclesiastical and hierarchy
control. It helps to offer the Christian Minister a sense of CREDIBILITY and
ACCOUNTABILITY that lends itself to INTEGRITY.

Each member of ROAM is free to follow their own calling in God without interference
from some corporate body. This does not take away from being accountable to the
spiritual leadership they voluntarily submit to.

ROAM is multicultural and believes that each individual or people group has the right to
their own expression of worship as long as it is not contrary to the written Word of God.
You will find members from almost every tribe and tongue associated with ROAM.
There is but ONE BODY with many members.

Our motto is, Perfecting saints for the work of the ministry, building up the Church, the
body of Christ, to be strong and wise Without Compromise.

There are many people groups but only one race. the human race.

ROAM host annual meetings, regional gatherings and provides fellowship, seminars
and periodic printed material to better equip the Minister and to stay in touch. We hope
you will consider applying for your ministerial credentials with our growing family.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope you find it informative. If you are
searching for a genuine full gospel interdenominational ministerial organization, then
you really should consider Rehoboth Outreach Apostolic Ministries, Inc.

We are a "Christ-centered" group of men and women organized for independent
Ministers, Churches and Evangelistic Ministries. We were organized in April of 1983
and since that time have expanded to many parts of the world.

In addition to providing an apostolic spiritual covering to those desiring such, we also
provide ministerial credentials that document the ministers vocation. This lends itself to
accountability, credibility and integrity. The types of credentials offered are:
resource service for those churches and evangelistic ministries that qualify. We are
here to help not only those well seasoned in ministry but those that are just beginning
their calling. We invite you to prayerfully consider ROAM for your ministerial
association and home.

Please visit other pages on this site to get a better understanding of what ROAM is all

There are no financial obligations except a relativity small annual membership due. We
do not exercise hierarchy control over our members. We are here to serve as a
medium where we may all work harmoniously together and fulfill our destiny in God.

We welcome the opportunity to extend our hand to you in fellowship.

                    Code of Ethics

It is a requirement that every member of ROAM
accept and adhere to the following ministerial ethics:

Each member has a right to their own style and personality as they follow Christ.
To  conduct ones affairs in morals, finances, and business relations with a high degree
of Christian integrity.
To  maintain a teachable spirit towards the other leaders of the Fellowship.
To  speak in a respectful and edifying manner where other members of the Fellowship
are concerned.
To  abstain, directly or indirectly, in any issue that would cause a church split.
To  not sow seeds of discord among the body by gossip, rumors and opinionated
To  abstain from the consumption or use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.
To  pursue a Christian relationship with other members of the Fellowship.
To  respect the rights of others and allow them to be different, as long as their actions
comply with the written Word of God.
To  support and give your loyalty to any pastor under which you may serve.
To  deal justly as the Scriptures command concerning all areas of fellowship,
relationships, unity and brotherly love.
To  follow the procedure as commanded in the Scriptures when faced with a brother or
sister who is in violation of these ethics or any other Biblical moral standard.
To  agree to adhere to our Statement of Faith, Ministerial Ethics and By-Laws.
ROAM believes that the homosexual life style
is contrary to scripture and is not acceptable to God.
Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy