Greetings in the precious name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Brother we have celebrated the National Independence Day of Pakistan which is founded in 14
August, 1947. Though we have a Word of God from the letter of Paul to Romans chapter 13: 1-7, “let
every soul be subject unto the higher powers”.

If we look in past, we will not happy to see the curtain of past in which many horrible incidents
happened and persecuted many Christian, dozens of Christians given their lives for their faith due to
blasphemy Pakistani laws, 295 B.C.

295B:   this article shows that you cannot say anything against Mohammad.

295C:   this shows that you cannot speak or say anything against AL_Quran.

So, these articles are licenses for our muslim brothers to harm any one in our country. They blame
any one, and they did not wait for the police to do the work, they beat or hang or kill the person
himselfly. There are many incidents like this in our country. Keep our country in your prayers.

1st July, 2009: in Qasoor, a small village consist of 50 christian families, this village totally bulldozed
by muslims, they looted their animals, their home appliances, they beaten the women, they beaten the
children only due to their blame which say that Christian insulted the Holy book (Quran).

30 July, 2009: in Korian five kilometer away of Gojra city on Faisalabad road. 80 Christian families are
living in 50 homes, which are totally burnt by muslim mob. They looted their every thing, animals,
home things. We did the welfare work with food including cooking oil, flour, rice, bath soap, etc. If you
need pictures of this welfare work and burnt houses contact me.

“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is
able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Mathew 10: 28

On 14 August, I have did a celebration program in PAF Domestic Camp where I have started a new
church, this church has been closed since 2001. Now peoples are coming to hear the Word of God.
Praise the Lord.

I believe to hear from you soon!

In His Service!

Evangelist Michael irfan

Gen. 4:7